Jane Tucker Photography

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Studio Info

Jane Tucker has been photographing babies, families, brides, men, and women from the Gulf Coast region for more than 25 years.  Jane is a professional photographer, with Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography, and the loving mother of a large, happy family. Jane combines creative ability, technical expertise and a caring nature to offer her clients an enjoyable portrait experience and a unique piece of fine art.

Jane’s Portrait Process

Jane’s process of creating fine art portraits is a relaxing and pleasant experience for her clients. Each step of the creative process is done on a personal level, with generous amounts of Jane’s time. You will begin with a personal consultation session to get to know one another and discuss how you would like to be photographed. Your personal preferences are highly valued in Jane’s creative process, and your decisions concerning location or mood of the portrait session are important. Jane seeks to understand what makes each one of her clients unique and important, and strives to highlight these special qualities in her photographs.

The actual photographic session usually lasts about an hour, and is arranged at a time where everyone is as comfortable as possible.

When your images are ready for viewing, Jane is available for consultation if you need  assistance with your decision making process. She can offer creative help in selecting the frame that best highlights your photograph, as well as design advice for the placement of photographs in your home. The process of working with Jane ends when you are completely satisfied with your photographs and your creative experience.


Jane Tucker Photography